Fix Your Dog Behavior Problems – The Secret To Successful Dog Training

Do you have a naughty dog?

No matter what you try, you just can’t get your dog to stop barking, pulling on the leash, jumping up, chewing, showing aggression or whichever undesirable behavior you want to put a stop to?

Maybe you’ve faithfully followed the advice of whichever dog training program you’ve chosen or found on the internet, only to be disappointed with the results?

It seems so easy when you read the books or watch the videos, doesn’t it?

But in real life it’s nothing like as simple as it looks, is it?

It’s frustrating, annoying and stressful and it really affects your relationship with your dog, doesn’t it?

Well, actually it really is very simple once you know the true secret to successful dog training.

And I’m going to share that secret with you here.

And once you know it, and act on it, your life will become much, much easier!

And what’s more, your life with your dog will be much more fulfilled!

Now, you’ve probably already discovered that there are many theories and guides around all claiming to know the most effective way of training your dog.

From aids such as shock collars and crates to overwhelming your dog with treats when they’re good.

And everything in between.

But guess what?

The real secret of dog training is that no training method will ever be effective if you don’t have the necessary foundation in place.

The Foundation For Successful Dog Training

And that foundation is that you need to establish yourself as the pack leader.

Because if you don’t, then your dog will.

And once your dog thinks they’re the pack leader, you’re not going to be able to train them properly until you teach them that they’re not.

And that’s the big secret to successful dog training.

Be the pack leader.

Simple as that!

Now, it’s important to stress that I’m not talking about using force and intimidation here.

That’s no way to treat a dog if you want a loving and respectful relationship with them. Which, after all, is one of the main benefits of being a dog owner.

No, what I mean is that you need to become pack leader by showing you’re in charge in more subtle ways.

Food Control

The classic example is through controlling the food. There are a couple of simple rules you should follow to do this:

Rule number 1: Always make sure you eat first, even if it’s just a biscuit.

So when you’re going to feed your dog, hold the food in their bowl up above them and eat that biscuit. Then put their bowl down on the floor.

Now, you might find your dog suddenly no longer wants the food and walks away and leaves it.

This is a classic tell-tale sign that they consider themselves to be the pack leader. This is how they show you they’re in charge.

So you have to show them back that no, actually it’s you that’s in charge.

So pick up the bowl and take it away.

Do this every time they ignore the food when you put it down after you’ve eaten first.

You might find it takes several goes before your dog actually eats. Don’t worry about this, no dog will go to the extreme lengths of starving themselves to prove they’re pack leader!

Eventually your dog will eat once you put the food down. At that point, they’re acknowledging that you’re the pack leader when it comes to food.

Job done!

Now, you may find that instead of completely ignoring the food, your dog eats a bit and then leaves it.

Or they may eat nearly all of it, before just leaving a tiny bit.

When they do this, they’re still giving the same message that they’re in control and that they’ll come back and finish when they choose.

So you must act the same way as described before. Once they leave their food, pick it up and throw it away.

Rule number 2: Don’t let your dog hide treats, bones, chews and other food around the house or even the garden.

You’ll probably find your dog will do this if you let them.

But once again, you’re letting them take charge of the food. And that’s the job of the pack leader.

Now, you might think that bones, chews and treats aren’t really food.

And you’re right – to you they’re not. But they are to your dog. And that’s why you need to control them.

Protecting Your Property

Another classic area where you need to be the pack leader is in protecting your property.

Barking at anybody coming to the door, or even just walking by the house is one of the most common, not to mention frustrating and annoying, dog behavioral issues.

And because they get frustrated, many people end up shouting at their dog when they bark.

This is the single worst thing they can do!

When your dog barks, it’s doing so to warn you about possible danger.

And when you shout, your dog thinks you’re joining in and there really is something to worry about.

And then they get worked up and bark all the more.

What you actually need to do to get your dog to stop barking is… guess what?

That’s right. Be the pack leader!

It should be you who decides if something or someone is a threat.

So when your dog starts barking, go over and have a quick look and then thank your dog for warning you.

That’s right – say thank you!


Don’t say something that can sound harsh like “Quiet!” or “Down, boy!”

Just “Thank you”, in a nice calm voice.

Don’t pet them or praise them, or even look at them.

Then go and sit down again. Or back to whatever it is you were doing.

If your dog carries on barking (as they probably will at first), go over to them again.

Have another look at what they were barking at, and thank them again.

Then sit down again.

If your dog still carries on barking, it’s time for a time out.

Go over to them and calmly and gently take hold of their collar.

Then gently lead them to a quiet room where you can leave them isolated for a while.

Let them out after a few minutes, and repeat the process if they continue barking.

The aim of all this is to teach your dog that you’re the pack leader when it comes to protecting your property.

You’re letting them know they’re good for letting you know of a perceived threat, but once you’ve decided it’s okay they shouldn’t bark anymore.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your dog learns this!

These are just a couple of examples of how you need to establish yourself as the pack leader.

Summary – The Pack Leader Has It Easy!

Once your dog sees you as the leader, you’ll be amazed at how simple dog training becomes.

But you must put this foundation in place first, or you’ll struggle with the training.

The Online Dog Trainer

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